About Us
The Lake County Coalition for the Homeless (LCCH) is a consortium of individuals and community
organizations that strives to ensure that the homeless have access to needed services.

To that end, LCCH identifies community needs and underserved populations, and explores possible ways
to fill gaps in services.  Being able to share information on an ongoing basis increases the opportunities
to collaborate while reducing duplication of services.

Plans for the future include expanding our membership base and reaching out to all parts of the County to
educate the public about housing issues.  Please take a moment to contact us  -
our continued success
depends on your support.
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Lake County Coalition
for the Homeless
Eliminating homelessness in Lake County through the provision of leadership
in the areas of assessment, advocacy, and community education.
Planning Council Members

The following representatives were elected on March 1, 2016 to a one-year term on the planning council:

President- Joel Williams, PADS Lake County
Vice President- Charles Bassett, Individual Member
Secretary- Reagan Piechowski, Lake County Health Department
Treasurer- Lety Castellanos, Waukegan Township Staben House

Chair, Community Engagement, Advocacy and Membership- Jim Menzer, Regional Office of Education
Chair, Monitoring and Project Performance Committee- Carol Craig, Lake County Health Department
Chair, ServicePoint (HMIS) Committee- David Fries, Catholic Charities
Chair, Strategic Planning and System Performance Measures Committee- Sue Shimon, Thresholds
Chair, System Coordination and Entry- Meghan Powell-Filler, PADS Lake County
Meeting Minutes

Lake County Coalition for the Homeless
-August 2, 2016

Strategic Planning and System Performance Committee
-August 2, 2016

Funding Work Group
- August 18, 2016
- August 22, 2016
- August 24, 2016